Welcome to Stokesay Primary School

Travel to school

Helping your children travel safely and healthily to Stokesay Primary School:

Here are some ways in which we try to encourage our pupils to have some healthy exercise on the way to school each day. We welcome your continued support with our travel to school initiatives and important road safety messages.

* Walk to School

Most children walk to school as they live close enough and we want to encourage this. The walk to school helps to reduce congestion and gives you the opportunity to teach your child important road safety skills and to enjoy the fresh air and their neighbourhood. Needing at least an hour of exercise a day for good health and a healthy weight, the walk to and from school helps provide valuable and regular exercise.

Can you talk to other parents to share the walk to school if you have to get to work?

Can you help your child take part in Walk to School challenges?

 *  Travel by Car

If you have to travel by car, please keep children safe outside school by NOT stopping at the mouth of the entrance and on the yellow zig zag lines.

Please keep access for the local residents in mind when parking.

Please don’t park on any pavements.

*  20's Plenty

Please keep your speed as low as possible near school and no more than 20mph.

*  Park and Stride!

Outside school  can be very congested so if you can find the time, park a little further away and spend a few minutes walking your child into school.

*  Scooting/Cycling

Some children enjoy scooting or cycling to school.  We have storage space for these in school.

We ask that children do NOT scoot or cycle in the school grounds (to protect everyone, but especially the youngest children)

Please keep a close watch on your children as they scoot along the pavement, watching out for pedestrians and crossing the road together.

*  Cycling

There are opportunities in the holidays for young children and families to take part in short led cycle rides. Details of these events plus, local cycle route maps, free adult cycle training and courses on how to look after your bike can be seen at www.travelshropshire.co.uk/cycling   Learn to ride (helping your child getting off stabilisers) sessions can be arranged locally in school holidays (again by Travel Shropshire).

*  Travel information and Services for you!

For questions about anything on this subject, please speak to the Headteacher and/or Ray Hughes, Project Officer at Shropshire Council who works in Shropshire to promote more active travel through the Travel Shropshire website.

 01743 253008