Welcome to Stokesay Primary School

Photographs in School:

Cameras used by staff:

In the course of their work children and teachers often use digital cameras to record what they are doing. These photographs are often used in displays around school. Occasionally the press will come and take pictures of children at work, or to mark significant events. These photographs may appear in the press and are therefore part of the public domain. At the end of term concerts parents will take photographs or videos of the performances for their own use.

You will be asked when your child enters the school if you give permission for your child to be photographed.   If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will rectify this immediately.

Cameras used by parents/carers:

Please be aware that we do not allow the use of cameras or other recording devices except with the express permission of the headteacher. This is to safeguard all of our children. We therefore ask that mobile phones/tablets (which tend to have cameras and recording capabilities) are handed in to the school office when visitors sign in, for the duration of their time in school.  

However, we fully appreciate that parents/carers are keen to take photos of special events in their children's lives, such as plays, performances, celebration assemblies etc. Therefore, currently, the school chooses to allows this as an exception, and permission is therefore given for parents to take photographs of their own child in such group situations only. This exception depends on  the cooperation of the parent/carer community abiding by the following guidance. 

Therefore, when taking photographs of your child in group situations, at these school events, it is important that these photographs are not to be posted on social networking sites, because of the potential child protection implications for other children in the photograph (school knows this information for each child  in a way that parents will not). 

Whilst the school accepts no responsibility for parents/carers breaching this advice, which is given regularly (school performances etc), we would also remind you that our approach will likely have to change, if parents/carers choose to undermine and/or ignore this advice.