Welcome to Stokesay Primary School

Spring 24.


Year 2 got to experience a fantastic trip going to Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge exploring their topic of Schools through Time.

The children were fantastically well behaved and we got to explore lots of different buildings such as the shop, bank and the pub!

Afterwards we had an interactive workshop where we got to dress up and experience a lesson in a Victorian school. The teacher was very strict and we had to do lots of hard work on our slates.

The children all had a lovely day and learnt so much.


Year 2 are learning all about how different animals and plant types grow. They've also studied different plants and the function of parts of the plant and what they need specifically to grow.

Year 2 explored the different outside areas of our classroom at a range of different plants and identified the different parts.

Afterwards Mr V gave us some daffodils on each of the table to base our drawings around and we sketched and labelled our own.

Year 2 have been learning all about healthy eating and how we can keep a balanced diet. As part of this topic we have had to carry out some research on different fruits.

To support this research it was important that the class tried lots of different fruits and juices. Mrs Westwood was very impressed with how willing the class were to try the different foods and how well they described their appearance, smell and taste.

The class chose their favourites of the fruit and juices and made their smoothies out of them during a latter lesson.