Relationships/Sex Education & Health Education

November 2018 Update:

Relationships and Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education

The Department for Education (DfE) consultation on draft regulations, statutory guidance and a regulatory impact assessment for relationships and sex education and health education in schools in England closed on 7.11.18.


Shropshire has submitted a response available at under the PSHE section.


The final guidance will become compulsory in all schools across England from September 2020.


Proposals include:

  • All schools will be required to teach relationships education in primary school
  • Sex educational is optional, secondary schools are required to teach relationship and sex education.
  • All schools, primary and secondary will be required to teach health education (physical and mental health).
  • Lessons will help young people keep personal information private, navigate the virtual world, challenge harmful content and balance online and offline worlds.


We at Stokesay Primary School currently deliver the RSE curriculum. These, in conjunction with E safety lessons and lessons/resources on sexting and consent fulfills the proposed curriculum requirements for RSE.


We will take the opportunity to review how we ensure our SEND pupils receive differentiated delivery appropriate to their needs. It is anticipated that support and training will be made available to assist us. We will also review our delivery, resources and whole school approach in the context of Shropshire guidance on Transgender and LGBT resources available PSHE section.


Parental withdrawal from primary Sex Education remains and this is shared with parents.


In addition all schools (primary and secondary) will be required to teach health education.  We have been advised that the emotional and mental health aspect will be meet by delivering the PSHE Association emotional mental health curriculum (developed in Shropshire and available free from PSHE section).

We will consider using /reviewing in the light of DfE requirements. The requirements to meet the physical health curriculum will be in part be met from our existing delivery of Respect Yourself: Eat Better, Move More but may required some additional emphasis for example on first aid. We will review this in light of confirmed guidance from DfE in consultation with Shropshire Public Health Curriculum Advisor.


In addition we are aware that Shropshire has updated guidance on management of drug related incidents and drug education under the PSHE section.


We will update our policy and curriculum approach in the light of this guidance and confirmed requirements from the DfE.


Our policies for RSE, Drug Education, PSHE   etc.  will therefore be reviewed and be updated in line with confirmed DfE requirements.


We await notification of the time scale for this.