Executive Headteacher:  Paul O'Malley

Deputy Head: Karen Hadley



Callow (Y5/6): Sarah Holmes and Erica Hayward

Norton (Y4/5):  Karen Hadley

Woolston (Y3):  Simon Ansell

Croft  (Y2):  Natalie Telford

Onny (Y1):  Michaela Gidney

Clee (Reception): Kadie Pinches

Kerry (Nursery): Kayleigh Roberts


SENCO:  Karen Hadley

Administrator:  Millie McKnight

Teaching Assistants:

Georgie Good, Helen Milburn, Ge Upton, Raylene Gibbs, Tracy Winter, Lynn Wood, Donna Lewis, Kate Walden, Claire Howard and Debbie Jones


Pastoral Support Worker

Sue Austin 


Lunchtime Supervision:

Lynnette Wilding, Johanna Woodhouse, Claire Howard, Tracy Winter, Mariyam Baig and Wendy Glazebrook


Site Manager/Cleaning Staff


Angie Richards, Georgie Good, Raylene Gibbs


Kitchen Staff (employed by Shire Services, but part of our Stokesay team): 


Becky Huffer, Linda Reeves, Katie Gardner, Karen Broxton